About Us

Safety Courses 4 U offers a fresh approach to safety training courses that will leave you fully prepared for the employment path that you have ahead. Whether you are completing courses as a statutory part of your work or you want to learn a new skill to take your career forward, we provide you with the solution to your needs – and we offer it in 10 different languages.


About Us SafetyCourses4U

No more struggling to understand the coursework – complete it in your own language and pass with ease

We think that no matter where you are from or what language you speak, you should have the opportunity and the means to create a better you. The structure of many safety courses is based on the English language – making it very difficult to get a foot on the ladder if this is not your first language.

Foreign nationals make up a huge proportion of workers across the world and yet courses are rarely taught in the languages of those workers. We see things differently and have provided courses in 10 different languages to make it easier for everyone to pass with flying colours.

About Us SafetyCourses4U

Courses that fit your needs at all stages of your career

Many employers will insist that you have basic training such as Food Safety before you can work in certain sectors. We offer these types of mandatory courses that allow you to put a tick in the box for your employer. We will also ensure you have the right skills to advance your career and show your commitment.

Plus you can learn at home, on your laptop, in a cafe, in your workplace or even in bed! It is entirely up to you when and how you do your learning.

About Us SafetyCourses4U

Our trainers are the best and have shared their experience especially for you

Our team of industry leaders include safety lecturers, health and safety managers and a number of safety consultants. Their experience ranges from supermarkets, retail outlets and High Street stores through to various hospitality businesses.

Together we bring you decades of wisdom from the health and safety sector.

About Us SafetyCourses4U

Our support is second to none

We are very proud of our web development team who have many years experience in bringing together quality e-learning platforms so you can be sure you are learning in the best way for your needs. Simple, easy to understand and delivered to you in a format that works.

Our tutors can offer you support whenever you need it and we like to think that we are taking this journey with you. Helping you along the way wherever we can. Just get in touch via email and we will answer all your questions.